Making of a Figurine Design Stage - Mood Boards

Figurine design starts approximately 14 months before final production. The first stage in the process is to create conceptual mood boards for the artist to work from. These boards are created using inspiration from fashion magazines, current trends, and pop culture.

Making of a Figurine Design Stage - Michael Doulton & Neil Faulkner Artwork Creation

Artist Neil Faulkner, creates all of our figurine artwork using water color paints. Using the mood board to help, Neil will pull all the elements together to create a wonderful piece of art, adding pose and movement into the design. It is extremely important that the design is perfect as this is the artwork that the sculptor will use to create the 3D sculpt.

Making of a Figurine Design Stage - Artwork Fine Details

Any additional floral's in the design will be painted separately by Neil so that the factory can recreate them accurately.

Making of a Figurine Sculpting

The sculptor will start to model the figure from the artwork using modelling wax. This type of modelling clay needs to be kept warm to keep it soft while they are working with it. The sculpture also needs to be modeled 14% larger then the final figurine size due to shrinkage during production firing.

At the final stages the modeler will add all of the finer detail such as the pattern on the bodice and the flowers. The modeler also sponges away any tooling marks until the figure is perfectly smooth and ready for the next stage.

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